Monday, March 24, 2008


As you can see I am having a good time making these crocheted bracelets. In the ones you see here I have used some of those lampwork beads by Generations Lampwork . I special ordered these with holes slightly larger than normal so they work better with this series. The completed bracelets run in price between $23.00 and $33.00 just depending on the cost of the bead and materials. The orange one with a solid spiral of Swarovski crystals is at the higher end of the range. You can always go to or click on one of the photos to the left to see more. The ones similar to the first photo sell in the local jewelry store for $49.00 retail! I am hoping they will go when I do my tables too. Marketing is definately the down side of this business! I am no salesperson and I have a hard time "talking it up". I figure the work should sell itself. I know I should talk more about the materials, workmanship, etc and that is where I get stuck. I do use the best materials available, I don't want to worry about work coming back to me. I want people to love what they purchase and have it last a lifetime. I can talk about that. I just have a hard time selling the artist! Well, I have a couple of special orders I am working on so I had better get to it!

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