Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poppy Jasper Jewelry

I found these Poppy Japser chips when I was rearrangeing my studio yesterday. I didn't know I had them! The colors in these are so beautiful. If you look at them closely they are truly spectacular. Sometimes it really amazes me, the beauty of nature. So it gave me the inspiration I needed for my next piece. I know the colors are sort of Fall-ish but they are just too pretty to wait until then. I selected some faceted Carnelian and some other poppy 6mm and 8mm beads to go with it and I will of course put in the pearls and Swarovski crystals. I found a large faceted carnelian at a shop nearby to use for the center. I think this piece will be my best yet. Of course, it could be because I just love these colors. Earthtones are my favorite and I love working with them. This set will of course be in gold. I just might keep this one! I have said that before and always end up selling but to date I do not have one of my signature pieces of my own. I do plan on making 2 bracelets with this one so maybe I can just keep one of those. I usually only make one set; necklace, bracelet, and a couple pair of earrings then it is on to the next color scheme. So in the shower with me then onto this beautiful project!

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