Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Begnings

Welcome to my blog. I am fairly new to all this so please hang in there with me. My name is Dianne and I design and produce handcrafted gemstone and beaded jewelry. I know, so do a million other people. I think (and I have been told) that my designs are quite unique. I have been advised to have them professionally photographed for submission into various jewelry mags and such. I love what I do and they way I do it. I love the process and do not want to mass create. I really enjoy making one piece like no other. I guess I would not mind being published, but I am afraid that would take away from the spirit of it all. So at least for now I prefer to let those things come to me as they are meant to and not push the issue.
I have a little 12x10 studio at home where I can put on my Kenny G or other tunes and just create. My table is made from a 4x8 plywood and I have some old towels under a piece of cloth where I work so my gems are not rolling around. For shelves I have old bookcases and I have bulletin boards all over my walls for the gems so I can see what I have. So it is nothing fancy or elaborate but it works and it is comfortable. I know a lot of artists feel as though the surroundings in which one is inspired should have color and life and ta-da! I feel like those things get in the way when I am designing. I have some photos scattered kids, grand kids and my mom who passed away nearly 3 years ago now. I have this really goofy photo of her and it reminds me not to take all this too seriously. She was a very distinguished lady and this picture is so out of character it cracks me up every time I look at it.!
The only thing I want to change is the floor. When I pulled up a corner of the carpet to run my computer wires I found the most beautiful hardwood floor underneath. Needless to say the carpet is going this Spring!

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