Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poppy Jasper and Carnelian Creation

OK Here it is. This set is stunning. You know, I usually get one of these sets done on a day. I am in my studio at 8:00AM and wrap up for the day at 5:30PM. After supper I do my crocheted pieces in the living room while I watch a little TV with my sweetie. So in a full work day I can get everything done except the clasps because after I weave everything I put a drop or two of G-S Hypo on the knots and let them set overnight just to be sure everything is wrapped up good and tight. This set took my 3 days only because I was so amazed by the colors in each little nugget of the Poppy Jasper. To see it in person this set is just gorgeous. I have put it on line although I am not really sure I want to sell this one. I told myself I would give it 5 days and see what happens. Then, it's mine! I have yet to keep a set I have made. I keep telling myself I will and then someone wants it so I part with it.
I am so grateful to be able to so this for work. I left my full time "day job" to pursue this passion. I began this line of work in a rather odd way. I knit hand made, felted bags and thought it would be fun if I put some beaded embellishments on them so I picked up some craft store beads and such. I had some left over after a bag and thought I would see if I could produce a piece of jewelry. Now, I am the type of gal who likes to have matching earrings for every outfit so after I made the first pair I bought some more beads and was introduced to Swarovski crystals by a friend so I got some of those. Time went on and I came up with a design for a bracelet that I really loved. I took them to a jewelry store and the wonderful store owner bought some and suggested I look into doing this design with gems and pearls. That frightened me a little because of the cost involved but I gave it a try. This series is the result of that and I was hooked. Meanwhile he had gone to Hawaii where he winters. I took them to a local jewelry store and she bought them and has continued to purchase from me. She ran out twice the week before Christmas and all total she has purchased over $3200.00 of my designs since mid October of last year. When I went to see her 2 weeks ago she told me it had been really dead in the store and the only items she has sold are my creations! WOW! What a compliment that was, and she bought more. She sells them at a fairly high price, double what I get.
I am truly blessed to be able to do this. I guess I would say I am successful as I define it, although I still need to do a lot of marketing to be able to support myself. I have a passion for what I do and God has given me the talent it seems opportunity to do it. Things are getting a little tight now as far as money goes. With Summer coming and Bob opening for the season next month things should get better. I am really excited to be able to show him the results if his suggestions! Well, Off I go again to see what I can come up with next!

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Kelly said...

You do beautiful work! Nice to see that you sell yours to a fine jewelry store. Congrats on that!