Saturday, September 20, 2008

Felted Furry Friends

Do you have a furry friend that you adore? If so you can't miss this shop owned by Amelia Santiago. These "pets" are needle felted to the likeness of your own beloved buddy and the likeness is amazing. Amelia lives in Portland, Oregon and has a degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art in painting but finds herself almost entirely consumed in making her needle felted dog sculptures at the moment. While this seems to be her passion she also enjoys animals, records, drag shows, recycling, gallery strolls, going out to breakfast, roller skating to disco, Leonard Cohen, vegan cooking. Quite the lady! Be sure and cruise by her shop at

She also makes these wonderful felt soaps, a super gift. They are made from saponified oils of palm and coconut:fat obtained from the fruit or seed of the palm tree or kernels of coconut which lathers readily and cleanses skin glycerin: humectant, mild emulsifier, and emollient used to hold moisture. Available with or without fragrance and/or color some soaps contain Organic cornmeal & polenta or Oats. She says "Felted soap eliminates the need for a cloth or bath sponge. The felt is a built in soft cloth that shrinks with the soap as you use it and keeps it from slipping out of your hand. When the soap is gone, you are left with a tiny little scrubby . The soap will also last longer than an unfelted bar, just store it in a drainable soap dish. Buy some a s a gift or to treat yourself!

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