Thursday, September 11, 2008


Gergana lives in Portland, Maine and works in graphic design. Although Gergana has a "day" job her art is not simply a hobby to work away those cold Maine winters. It is a passion for her and a major part of her life that began as a child and has taken many forms throughout the years.
As a young girl Gergana was often seen with scissors in one hand and crayons in the other. Trading in her childhood supplies she has graduated to more sophisticated tools but is still bent on cutting things up and putting them back together and does just that in a style that is all her own. You an see the items pictured here and many more exquisite and fascinating pieces at
When she is not working Gergana enjoys the bountiful beauty in nature in Maine by going on a hike or riding her bike. She also enjoy movies and music and loves to travel.
Gergana states that one of her biggest challenges is "too many ideas and mediums to play with and not enough time to explore them all." With her talent and interest in all forms of art I would keep my eye on this talented lady, who knows what comes next?!

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