Thursday, September 25, 2008


Are you interested in selling on line? If so, you want to take a look at at Artisans Accomplice. I looked around for a year for someone who could help me set up my "shop" and had all the features I needed for a reasonable price. Just to design the site I was quoted an average of $1500.00!! Let me tell you, these guys have it all. For $20 they set up my shop with the colors, designs and features I wanted. They held my hand every step of the way, never more than a couple of MINUTES away. Yeah, minutes, not hours or days or never like some I tried. Whenever I had a question I would e-mail them, start to go downstairs and before I got out of the room I had my answer, amazing! I have been "on my own" now and I am so pleased. The entire site is so easy to maneuver around and I am basically an IT idiot. The upload times are amazingly fast. I can tell from my experience with these guys that they really value my time and that means a lot to me, how about you? By the way, I am never really on my own, they are always right there. They wrestled my domain away from a large company for me, handled everything, the entire process took them less than 2 days and I was up and running. Check them out at You will be glad you did! I know I am! You can by and see what they have don efor me at

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