Monday, September 8, 2008


Let the sunshine in! These fabulous works of art are done by Coco of Maine. Coco grew up in New Orleans, was a military wife for over 30 years and is a mother of 5 children. She has traveled extensively within the U.S. and abroad discovering and absorbing the native values and artistic expressions indigenous to each location. In addition to her beautiful glass works she has talents in many other areas such as decorative folk painting , carved candles, soap, clay, needlework, fountains, basic carpentry and refinishing, various types of sewing, and jelly making...whew! Remember now I told you she is also a mother of 5.

These original paintings in the traditional Austrian Alpbach style double as Shaker style boxes and are extra strong and durable so they are as functional as they are enchanting.

Treat yourself and maybe a friend and visit her shop. There is so much more to see and you can find out a lot more about this wonderful Artisan and her family on her profile bu going to


MaryAnn said...

Nice feature! Glad you commented on the MaineTeam blog. I would have missed these truly exceptional write ups. Feedback in any form is always welcomed.

Coco said...

Thank you for choosing to feature me on your blog. I am both honored and humbled.