Saturday, November 1, 2008


Black Friday, Buy handmade
Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the malls and retail stores. I wonder if the same is true for on line shoppers? I am thinking it must be; people are off for the holiday weekend.
If you want to stay home this Black Friday take advantage of all the Internet sites offering handmade gifts this year. You can find most anything at an online shop and support small business at the same time. Best of all you will be giving a one of a kind gift, handmade with great care.
Most artisans who sell their work at a site on line sell products that are of superior quality; they depend on repeat business! We cannot afford to have someone displeased by a purchase they made from us, we all know how fast bad news travels. In buying handmade this year you can accomplish a lot. Among other things by shopping the Internet shops on Black Friday or any day you can:
Save energy, time and money by shopping from home.
Support small business, maybe even someone in your own town!
Give a high quality USA handmade gift with a person and a story behind it.
Know that the person you are buying from depends on word of mouth and repeat business, they will want you to be thrilled with your purchase!
Avoid road rage, trying to find parking spaces, long check out lines, shortage of "advertised specials".
Avoid the infamous bait and switch practice used by so many retailers, especially on Black Friday.
Black Friday is part of a wonderful long weekend for most people and a chance for you to enjoy family, friends and wonderful food.
There are wonderful websites out there full of handmade artisans where you can read about the artisan and their work, ask questions, request special orders. One of them is I have a shop on there for my knit goods and my own shop at as well for my jewelry as well as my knit and crochet goods
On Etsy you can find just about everything your imagination can come up with and then some and it is handmade!. There are:
Wood products
Home D├ęcor
Soaps, lotions and oils
Paper goods
Leather goods and it goes on…

I am having a sale at my site beginning this Black Friday and lasting until New Year’s Day. I have not decided on all the details yet. I already offer free gift boxing on all my gemstone jewelry.
Shop in comfort, give a special gift this year and buy handmade this Black Friday.

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