Sunday, November 2, 2008

Handmade Dog Collars

These dog collars are really something! Handmade in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA by The Mod Dog, these would be a great gift for your favorite canine companion or for someone who adores their dog or puppy.
The Mod Dog specializes in custom designed accessories for your pet. They allow you to pick and choose all aspects of the design for the dog (or cat) collar/leash, so that it is completely customized to your liking. That means you can choose the style of the collar, the pattern, the main collar material, and hardware. The Mod Dog is happy to take special orders and customize a collar just for you and your four legged friend.
The Mod Dog began because the Kyra loved buying unique dog collars and was a little disappointed at the selection and quality available. She has made all collars fully adjustable and triple stitched at stress points to prevent breaking and prolong durability.
They are very reasonable priced at $10 to $19 and there are so many patterns available you are sure to find just the collar to suit your dog or puppy's personality. They also have cat collars for those who prefer feline companionship.
She is currently asking for a 7-10 day production window so get on over to and place your order now and give your faithful friend a fashionable new dog collar.
When you have finished shopping for your pet, stop by and pick up a little bling or something to keep you warm on those long walks for yourself!

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