Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flapper Hats Make Comeback

If sales are any indication the Flapper style hats are making quite a comeback. I made a couple to give as gifts and thought I would put them on line until I had to ship them off for Christmas. What happened is that I sold 8 the first week. Needless to say I have made plenty more and they are still selling. I make the scarves also for anyone who wants them and have sold a few sets this way. The scarflet is a handy little item because you can wear them up or fold them down. They don't fall of or unwrap, they just stay put! You can see new hats and scarves nearly every day on my website at and everything in my shop is 10% off until December 20th.
The fibers are a variety. I crochet the hats and knit the scarves with 2 strands of yarn for maximum warmth and it also gives a very nice shape. I use wool, wool blends, angora, alpaca, acrylic and novelty yarns in my creations. I have a lot of fun making them as you can probably tell. I make each one a little different depending on the fibers I use so there is no strict pattern I use, I just go where my mood takes me. It has come to be a lot more fun that way!
I have had a lot of wonderful feedback from my customers so I will keep making them as long as there seems to be interest. Then it will be back to the jewelry!

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