Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter Blues

Typically winter has been a time for muted tones and earthy colors taking all the color out of our world just when we need it most. Chase away the winter blues with one of the new Flapper style hats this year. Just because the trees are bare and the skies gray and heavy with snow is no reason to go colorless. Make a bold statement today with a Flapper Hat and Scarflet.
Each hat is a one of a kind piece of art. The designs for the hats are pretty much the same although I do tweak them depending on the types and weights of yarn used. The embellishments on the hats make the statement and no two are alike. For those of you who really can’t force that much color into your life, I do make the more muted earth tones. I have done several special requests as far as color goes but my style is such that I have to have artistic license with the flowers, leaves, etc… Everyone has been very pleased.
Payment is made on approval, never before so you can be sure you are getting a hat you will want to wear every day!
Stop by my website at and check out what I have in stock. More are added nearly every day so keep checking or better yet e-mail me with your color preference or coat color!

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