Monday, March 30, 2009

Rap Music, an opinion

I never liked Rap music. As far as I was concerned it was a quite profane genre and I would not even allow my children to play it in my home. I am a 50 something and it was not what I grew up on. I am a Christian, a cradle Catholic and have become in the last several years quite conservative.
Obamanomics scares the heck out of me as I see us moving more toward Socialism and a national debt that can never be paid. I was taught that if a person works hard it would pay off. Now the theme seems to be lay on your butt and those who DO work hard will have to support you because we are going to penalize them for going to school, making the grade, sacrificing, working long, hard hours and being successful. Redistribute the wealth, create national healthcare, grant more power to a very select few who will then decide IF you get to keep your business AND how much you can make. Now that is "Change you can believe in".
My husband to my dismay listened to all those conservative talk shows. In fact my TV remote would gather dust. I did not tolerate them well until I gave Glenn Beck a chance and although I don’t care for many talk show hosts of any sort I do like him. He makes sense to me and I like his guests. He gives me food for thought and I do the footwork.
While watching the show I heard a "Rapper" and I almost turned off the TV. It was a song by the name of Mr. Conservative by Hi Caliber and it "wowed" me. Take a listen at and let me know your thoughts.
He is not profane and is quite logical. I have to admit those "Rap" beats are quite catchy.

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