Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Beaded Vase Continues

The Beaded Vase continues…
I had to resist the urge to take it apart and start over so I began the bracelet pictured here. I have to keep in mind that this is a learning tool and not a for sale project. I have learned a lot in this process and have been busy taking notes with photos. I think part of the reason I want to start over is because I am afraid of getting to the bottom and I am nearly there. The bottom of course, has to be completely flat so it is stable. Then there is the top up over the lip. One thing I am happy about and that is the choice of thread I used. I did not think about the end sue when I began and it is strictly a stroke of luck that I used Fireline. It won’t matter if it gets wet, king of important in a vase.
I also have a picture in my head I am anxious to begin after seeing some of the patterns emerge from this experiment.
I found a place on line where I can get the vases at a reasonable price and I am resisting the urge to order more until after I complete this one to make sure I can even do it. I have to order 12 at a time to get a price break and I really have no other use for them aside from these beaded vases.
Hopefully I can get this completed today, or at least the bottom.

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi Dianne, aha, here's the update on the vase. It's looking swell! You're bringing out some nice patterned effects with it. Here's to completion :)

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