Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peyote Stitch and Knit One Pearl Too

As the vase nears completion so does the bracelet. The direction of the vase is hard to see but after I finish beading the actual vase I will add the embellishments. I have decided on a title...Midnight Garden so I will be going with that theme. There will be beaded flowers, leaves and a few dragonflies, perhaps a butterfly and I am thinking vines...we'll see. I go back and forth between the two and now I have thrown in a sweater into the mix. I made the boyfriend sweater a few years ago and actually married the guy! Against the old wives tale for certain. Anyway he is due for another and here is the beginning of that...did this last night watching some tube with my honey. I am adding a copper crochet necklace to the batch of projects tonight, although I have to get that done for a special order at the jewelry store. I love having a few different things going on at once, it keeps me from getting bored. The free form peyote is really good for me as I tend to be OCD and very black and white. Abstract has never come easy for me, I do better with realism so this is quite a stretch.
You can see another little vase peeking out from behind, that'll be the next one while I wait for the shipment of larger ones to come in.
I will be taking a break pretty soon as I will be driving my daughter's car down to her in Florida where she is in "A" School in the Navy. I can't wait to see her as well as get out of the snow for a few days, we have had so much. Well, I had better get back to it...more tomorrow unless I finish it if.

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