Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beautiful 1920s Felted Hats

I have been having a really good time this year making my hats and hat and scarf sets and have loved all the wonderful comments on both my ETSY feedback page and my Divella Delights website guestbook. The hat that is drying now however takes the cake. While I was twisting up the yarn this idea came into my head so I gave it a try. I wanted something a little more chic and elegant and to my delight, it worked. White I am waiting for it to dry I am working up a Turquoise necklace in the same style as my last post. It is coming a long very nicely. I just can't wait for that hat! All I can tell you now is that it is red, a color I usually tend to stay away from. Check back in Sunday or Monday for the necklace and mid-week for the hat!

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