Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Beading Patterns, Tips and Tricks

Divella Delights is doing something new this year!
I will be giving you some free wonderful designs, tips and tricks I use all free of charge!
I plan to photograph my designs as I work through them so along with the pattern you will have photos to make it easier. This process takes a little time so be patient with me. Along the way if you find some tips I could use, please by all means chime in!
Let’s have some fun this year creating some beautiful jewelry and fiber creations!
See you soon with the first of many!
I'll start of with a little tip since I need no photo for it.
If you use a Nymo type thread I am sure you already stretch it and condition it with Beeswax or some other thread conditioner. Nymo and similar threads stretch over time and you do not want your lovely creations to get sloppy over time. You stretch it simply by pulling it taught and then just a little more. After I do that I have found that I get much fewer tangles if I simply snip off about 2 inches on each end. This way those little ends that you can't stretch don't coil around my work making knots and tangles.

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