Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have been having much too much fun!
The folks at Artbeads have featured me on their Facebook page, which I think was really sweet of them. We have been making great designs together and will continue to do so from time to time. I enjoyed designing that one so much I made another, pictured here.
In addition to the jewelry I am making now I am having a wonderful time playing with my hats. The red one I just finished I love and I want to do more like this. I will wait and see how it is received first because in retail you just never know. There have been things I have made that I thought were just fabulous but they did not sell well. It is indeed a tough business.
When I am finished with my contract at the State offices here I am hoping to take a trip and do some marketing…not my forte to be certain but I have to get my designs out there. The jewelry store here does extremely well for me and is surely my bread and butter throughout the year. I need 3 more just like them and I can stay home and work and not have to look for other work to fill in the gaps. Wish me well! Stop by Divell Delights and drop me a line in my guestbook

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