Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peyote Vase Fixes

Ok so one step at a time. When I made the error of increasing too fast it left a little hole...I wish I would have taken a photo of that before I attached the flower shown here. I took a small vintage Lucite flower, a genuine pearl and attached it over the hole with a 3-seed bead picot. If you look to the right of the flower there is a spot I don't like so I making a Russian Leaf to put there and actually I will put this leaf in progress and 2 smaller ones for a little grouping to be more aesthetically pleasing.
I have searched for and looked at and purchased a lot of Russian Leaf instructions and have 2 favorites. I need to have instructions that are very clear and detailed. I learn best by doing so the whole reading and applying is not the easiest for me. I found 2 sources that are excellent: Russian Leaf Instructions by Suzanne Cooper available here and this Shanasta Saling's instructions for a Russian Leaf Pendant in the Bead and Button book here:
If you are looking for some good instructions take a look at these and save yourself some money and time.
Back to the vase...So I will put little groupings of flowers and leaves here and there to incorporate it all into the design. Come back and see the progress continue.

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