Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Special

This is my special this weekend...50% off at Divella Delights
I want real flowers, perennials which not only grow and change and die, but also rise again and astonish me. A garden shouldn't just bloom and look pretty; it should develop like the rest of life. Otherwise it, and we, live only to be spaded under.- Emma L. Roth-Schwartz
I had such joy creating this necklace although it took me a month to complete. Each leaf, each petal, each delicate wing of the butterflies were stitched one bead at a time with great care. The pearls you see here are genuine. There are also macramé beaded leaves for some added texture. The entire piece measures about 20 inches but do keep in mind that the center rises quite a bit. On me the top of the center arrangement falls just below my collarbone.Despite the size of the piece it is very comfortable to wear as it lies flat on your chest.The flowers were sewn on Ultrasuede and the backing is felt and is colorfast; I tested a swatch prior to use.The clasp is appropriately a copper flower and stem toggle. I guarantee there will not be another like this one!
See more photos at Divella Delights.

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