Friday, November 6, 2009

Gemstone Beaded Watchband

Beaded watchband
My watchband broke the other day and one of those silly little pins went flying when I went to take it off. It belonged to my mom and even though it is nothing special in the monetary sense, I really like having it on. We had our first snow and I really did not feel like going anywhere so I thought I would use up some odds and ends and see if I could come up with something that I liked. I looked for a beaded watchband and could not find something that was really my style.
I wanted something with gems in it and I love all the autumn colors so I ended up with this. It is Poppy Japer and Mother of Pearl with 14K gold filled and sterling silver beads.
There are a couple of minor changes I intend for the next one. For instance the clasp. This one is a from 2 different color toggles I had lost the other pieces to. I can’t ever throw anything away and I figured since this was only for me and an experiment I would try this style of clasp. I like it very much! This makes me want my other watch to break as well!
Let me know what you think. If I get enough responses I’ll make a few up in different colors.
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