Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Felted Hats

Divella Delights has some beautiful new felted hats coming. This one sold in less than 2 hours so I guess I will be making more of the felted hats.
I begin with 100% wool, usually Cascade 220 but I do have some really yummy Lamb’s Pride wool as well. After I knit or crochet them, they are felted into a nice wool fabric. They take about 2 days to dry and at that time I form them to the shape I want. Next comes the embellishment phase, which is my favorite. This one was needle felted all by hand using a small barbed needle and a foam block. Some will have knit or crocheted flowers and leaves, some will have beaded flourishes. It all depends on what the hat tells me it wants! I will also be doing some clutches to match and I even have a pattern tucked away in my head for a scarflet. Check in often at Divella Delights, things are changing every day and it looks like the felted hats are going to go fast!

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