Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Drawings

Divella Delights is going to have 2 drawings a month for November and December instead of one. I draw a name out of a hat from my e-mail list and send that person a free gift from my shop! These are items I select from my shop so you can get a nice gift for yourself or something nice for a gift. Make sure you get on the e-mail list soon so you don’t miss out!
I do not send out a bunch of e-mails, usually only one a month to announce the winner (first name only) of the drawing so you won’t get a bunch of clutter. Occasionally I send out another with a special password for my customers to receive a discount! You really want to be on this list! There are several who won the drawings this year who had never purchased anything so there is nothing you need to do except be on the list!
Go to Divella Delights scroll to the bottom, put in your e-mail and click "sign me up" and get on the list! Don’t miss out on the chance to get something for nothing! The shipping at Divella Delights is always free in the US and Canada!

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