Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bracelet or Necklace?

I need your help!
If you have a minute and can shoot off an answer to the 2 questions below it would help me a great deal!
When I first began making gemstone jewelry I made everything in complete sets and found out quickly that most women or either necklace or bracelet people. Which one are you? For me, it kind of depends on the season. Summers I tend to wear necklaces shorter, around choker length whereas in the fall and winter I want something to go over my beloved turtlenecks so need something a little longer. Funny, now that I think about it I tend to wear bracelets more in the summer too. Well before I get off track and start rambling here are the questions for today:
1) Do you wear more bracelets or necklaces or do you wear both equally?
2) If you wear necklaces what length do you like?
Thank you so much for your input! There will be more questions in the following days and then I have a special surprise gift for one of you!

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