Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The Gemstone Twist is one of my new designs, you can read more about that in the previous post. The person with the most referrals to my website wins one of my new designs with matching earrings similar to the one pictured here. They are all made with genuine gems, pearls, sterling, etc...

This is how it works:
Simply refer friends to my website, have them sign the guest book and put your name in the comment section, very easy! If the person you refer also enters their e-mail address you will get 2 points. If they make a purchase you receive an additional 2 points and they will be entered into the contest with 2 points. On November 20th the person with the most points wins! In the event of a tie there will be a drawing to determine the winner.
If you enter the contest be sure you include your e-mail in the guestbook as I will contact the winner via e-mail for shipping information.
I will also donate 10% of the total sales from the website in November to the winner’s favorite charity in their name!
Family members of Divella Delights are not eligible for participation.
Any questions?! Let's get started!
Go to http://www.divelladelights.com/ start referring your friends!

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