Friday, October 10, 2008

Centipede Bracelets

This design I am working on reminds me of a Centipede. It came about as a result of my woven designs when the local jewelry store requested hat I come up with something a little less expensive this year for the Holiday season. So when I went to photograph my first Caterpillar bracelet I laid it out and it screamed out " I am a Centipede" to me so there you have it. I use hundreds of tiny seed beads and a variety of gemstones and pearls and Swarovski crystals in each of the Centipede bracelets. I also use a heavy-duty stretchy cord and double it so they are very sturdy and at the same time they will fit most women. I can’t say one size fits all because that is never the case from my experience.
Although each Centipede bracelet takes me well over an hour to create, I love doing them. I like the beaded toggle clasps, I feel they give the pieces continuity and they are easy to work with. Oh right, I make those too. The have a wonderful slinky feel to them when you wear them and lots of movement and a little sparkle. The Christmas Centipede has 2 original lampwork beads I purchased from Libelula Designs.
They are very affordable so this year I think every woman needs a Centipede Bracelet!

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