Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peyote Stitch Beaded Vase Trials

My daughter asked me for one of my free form peyote stitch bracelets in green for her birthday. I wanted to learn how to do leaves anyway so it was a great project. I bought Peyote stitch Beading Projects by Bead and Button to learn the leaves. This was a very good book with detailed instructions that are very, very good. Anyway, it also had a beaded vase project in it also done in free form peyote stitch. the one in the book is stunning done in earthy colors which I love. I do not have a surplus of those colors but long ago I bought a couple of kilos of beads when I was shopping with Fire Mountain for my beads. I have since switched to a local supplier for several reasons. Back to the vase. I had this old glass vase and a bunch of beads that I did not want to use for jewelry as I prefer uniform size which these are not. It would be easier I think to do it in my new beads but I don't buy those by the kilo yet so I don't have enough on hand for the entire project.
The same daughter mentioned above has been after me to do beaded flowers. Perhaps if this turns out well I will try my hand at those next.
Funny how things progress and attitudes change. I swore when I began making jewelry that I would never do the stitch work or work on a I am thinking about the loom and have definitely found a love for the stitch work although it does take a lot of time!
Wish me luck!! Anyone with any tips...tip away!

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