Saturday, February 7, 2009

Upcoming Donations and Other News

Divella Delights is very happy to have handmade hardwood clocks by David Jacques in our inventory. He takes great care in selecting his materials and in his craftsmanship. They come in full size and minis perfect for your bookcase or dresser.
We are also please to announce a line of Crochet hats by Jessy! They are lighter weight than the ones I make so are very well suited to more temperate climates or for a chilly Springtime evening.
My hats have been discovered by a gallery in Portland, Maine and they have requested my participation in their April show entitled " Wearable Art" to open April 4th. If we do well during the show we will be entering the gallery on a permanent basis. We have also been contacted by an organization in Canada for the hats.
I am planning a line of Spring Hats, a blend of cotton for those cool evenings and perhaps some light scarves as well. I am just now in the design phase so I think around the end of the month I should have something new for you.
I have some new jewelry designs on the board as well, very exciting! We did well with the local fine jewelry store this month and our tabling events.
Be sure and check in often as I do not want to inundate your e-mail with every new design.
March donations will be going to Dogs Deserve. Please visit their website at and bring your tissues!
Thanks so much for your continued support!

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