Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peyote Stitch Trials

This is a lot of fun, although quite painful. My hip is not well this morning so my mission today is to find a drafting chair or something similar that will give me the height and some good support. This chair is just not good for my back. I have a pain in my shoulder as well which I suspect is due to the chair as well.
The vase is coming along and is quite addictive. I am learning some things about peyote stitch in the process and this is probably a vase I will keep. A couple of hints for anyone who wants to do one of these:
1. Keep your increases several beads away from a step up if you can
2. Never increase near a square bead.
So what I have figured out is that when I see an increase coming I have to plan more carefully.
I also cruised around and found a good price on glass vases...told you it was addictive. I am going to wait until I finish this one, I am a little spooked by the top and bottom.
The bottom I know has to be all the same size beads so I figure about 1/8" from the bottom I will switch to all the same size, probably #8. I am not good at decreases yet but this will surely give me practice! As for the top that should not be that bad...invert the vase and bead down over the lip and decrease a row. Sounds easy, we'll see.

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