Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Chubby is here at last! This is one of the sweetest lampwork beads I have ever seen and what a personality! These darling beads are the creation of Generations Lampwork.
In the first photo the necklace was created for MPBN this year and features not only the 2 fish, but also one of Generation's beautiful shells. The piece was titled Rendezvous at the Reef and was selected by a jury for inclusion in the annual art show to benefit MPBN.
The second photo is a choker/necklace I crocheted using those wonderful Japanese seed beads and the third photo while also crocheted is a roll on bracelet.
I am planning another necklace in my usual design with gemstones shortly.
In addition to the fish this talented pair of lampwork artisans make exquisite shells which I will feature next trip!

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