Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Crocheted jewelry

With or without the bead? I make 2 basic styles of these crocheted bracelets, one with a center focal bead and one without. I crochet them with heavy duty nylon cord (they can even get wet) and high quality Japanese seed beads. You will not see any of those craft store beads in my work. I am sure I can get them cheaper somewhere else but I prefer to get them locally so I can see them. I have been disappointed in buying them on line before, not quite as nice as the photos. The Raku beads are by Keith O'Connor, a Maine artisan; and the lampwork beads are all artisan created, one of a kind, for the most by Generations Lampwork in Massachusetts although I do buy from other artisans from time to time. Certainly I could get cheap imitations or glass beads made by the thousands but I prefer to offer one of a kind quality pieces to each of my customers. When a piece leaves my studio I want to know that it will bring years of lasting pleasure. I have had the unfortunate experience of buying jewelry in the past only to have it fall apart, literally the first time I wore it. It is so disappointing. I have never had a piece of jewelry returned as of yet for anything other than lengthening. Oops, that is not true. I had one piece returned that was one of the very first pieces I made and 2 years later it came back. I repaired it free of charge of course using the materials I use now, professional grade rather than than the "beginner's" supplies. I have learned a lot creating. I use my daughters for field testing when I come up with a new design. I also use my 5 year old granddaughters like when I began making the crocheted bracelets! I thought if they could survive those active little girls they could survive just about anything!

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