Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meet My Field Testers

Meet my field testers! With my husband are Ella and Diva 2 of my granddaughters who test all my kids jewelry. Somewhat mischievous and very active as all 5 year olds are, these 2 put my creations to the test. Their mom and my eldest daughter Jessy is wearing one of my felted hats. She also does the trials on jewelry, bags and crocheted items. She is also creative and makes gorgeous hats. I am trying to talk her into opening an ETSY shop. She is a little (a lot) tough on jewelry chasing those little girls and getting into a fair amount of mischief herself. If a design has any defect in it will become eveident when she wears it! The last photo is my daughter Kimberly with a set I made for the dress she is wearing. These gals are a life saver in many ways but as far as the jewelry business goes I could not do it without them all. When I come up with a new technique I like to have them wear it for a while so we can discover any defects or even just areas I would like to tighten up. They are instructed to wear it as much of the day as possible and sleep in it if they can, wear it in the shower, etc... so I can see just where I stand. I like to be as sure as I can that when my designs leave my studio, they will not come back! Thank you girls and your mother/grandmother adores you!

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