Monday, July 7, 2008

Lobster Jewelry

Allow me to introduce Larry and Loretta from the Lobster family. These wonderful and whimsical beads are made by Generations Lampwork and can be found at The first examples are made with those wonderful beads surrounded by a reef of gemstones and pearls. I typically make these at 17 inches which is 1 inch larger than choker length due to the added bulk created by the design. I can make them any length with an adjustment in the price. I use either Sterling Silver or 14K gold filled findings in all my creations (see note on gold filled wire below). I make a variety of styles in this technique which of course can be seen by clicking on the links to the left.
For the crocheted pieces, these are bracelets shown here, I use only high quality Japanese seed beads. They are quite uniform and come in a variety of sizes and beautiful finishes. For a medium they are crocheted to around 7.5 inches depending on the size of the lampwork I will incorporate into the piece. Through experimentation I have decided to use only a heavy duty nylon cord. These can get wet and dry quite nicely to their original size and they do not stretch out like the cotton threads and cords. My granddaughters (twins of 5) get great wear out of theirs as does my 20 year old step-son who wears his all the time. I wore one for a solid week including in the shower, to bed, and work just to see how it would hold up and the results exceeded my expectations.
Next I will show you the cutest little chubby fish lampwork jewelry...these little guys really have a personality!

A note about gold filled wire:
Gold filled wire is very different from "gold plated". 14KT gold-filled wire has 100 times more 14KT gold in it than plated gold. It is created by bonding a sheet of 14KT gold to a core of brass with extreme heat and pressure. The end result is a 14KT gold tube totally encasing the brass core. This gives us a lovely strong wire that never tarnishes. The gold surface never wears off like gold plate does. It is truly a piece of jewelry to last a lifetime.

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