Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hardwood Floors and such

Ok, so I have not made any jewelry in the last few days and I am sure you can see why! The photos above are before and after shots of my living room and kitchen after we tore up the ugly carpet. Why anyone would cover these floors is beyond me. It took us only 3 days from ripping up the carpet to the finish...well nearly done. I still have to go around and do a little touch up and fine detail work. Oh and that is Butch over there in the corner and my husband putting on the padding to keep the floors from getting scratched.
This was our first project and there are some things we learned. First I would not suggest trying to sand 2 rooms and a hall all in one day to save on the machine rentals. Secondly, the drum sander of course was great but I was sad to see that the edger did not fit under the cabinets so we have to get a disc sander for that area.
The kitchen is probably next on our list because now the cabinets really don't work and there is some awful plastic tile on 2 walls that needs to come down. I think they glued that stuff on to survive a nuclear blast so when we take that off we will most likely take off the sheet rock as well. It goes without saying the curtains have to go, etc... Tis true what they say that these sort of projects are never as simple as they would first appear.
Once I have the remainder of the furniture out of my studio and the rest of these 2 rooms put back together I can start back to work making jewelry so I have strong motivation! See you all some with some more lovelies

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