Saturday, July 26, 2008


This set is stunning made with 3 lampwork beads by Generations Lampwork and an abundance of genuine Pearls. The 17 inch necklace has 4 woven layers or Pearls, Mother of Pearl, and high quality seed beads. It is finished off with a handwrapped clasp with a single pearl. All metal is 14K gold filled wire, see note below.
I take great care in the design details as well as carefully selecting the gems and pearls for each piece. When I use lampwork beads they are purchased directly from the artisan so each one is carefully selected and I know that it is handcrafted and one of a kind. Many of my beads I special order. These particular lampworks are just gorgeous and although I was not sure when I bought them what exactly I was going to do with them I knew I had to have them. Such is the case with a lot of the beads I buy from Generations.
I am always happy to take special requests if you have a particular color, size, or theme you are interested in. I have done many for the fine jewelry store in town. Normally, she calls with a color scheme she (or one of her customers) want and when I take in the completed piece she is always very pleased.
I have done a number of coastal pieces with octopus, lobster, and fish beads. I also use these beads in the crochet necklaces and bracelets I create.
Having 2 daughters, I like to think that when someone purchases a piece of my jewelry they will be handing it down someday for future generations to treasure.

A note about gold filled wire:
Gold filled wire is very different from "gold plated". 14KT gold-filled wire has 100 times more 14KT gold in it than plated gold. This wire is created by bonding a sheet of 14KT gold to a core of brass with extreme heat and pressure. The end result is a 14KT gold tube totally encasing the brass core. This gives us a lovely strong wire that never tarnishes. The gold surface never wears off, cracks, or peels like gold plate does. It is used to create designs meant for a lifetime.

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